Monday, February 13, 2006


The closed Open Mailing Lists

The Closed Open Mailing Lists

I Finally managed to configure gnus under Gnu emacs. It was pretty easy, only if I knew what is to be done before I started out, but that is not the way it always is.

Then, I specified Gmane as the nntp server in Gnus, and was very happy to find that several of the Free software related Mailing lists I had unsubscribed from were listed in Gmane. It certainly was a convenience to be able to post to mailing lists without having to go through the hundreds of mails in the ISP's mail server.

The euphoria was very shortlived, for I soon found that several lists do not allow posting thgough gmane. That is fine, it is the list admin's prerogative to decide who all should post; but true spirit of openness in the Free Software world requires as little restrictions as possible.

It should be noted that Debian, a fully functional Free operating system created and maintained by a group of unpaid volunteers has absolutely no problem allowing not only posts from gmane's mail to news gateway, but also anonymous posts to their mailing lists.

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