Tuesday, May 09, 2006


A new addition in the family

YoooooHoooooo!!! Sujatha gave birth to a baby girl at 6.13 PM IST on 8th May, 2006, that is, yesterday. I will be posting pics soon. That also reminds me, I have not updated by home pages for real loooong!!! I hope that none of the pages still show me as a single bachelor!!!! Hope Sujatha does not not see them.


What am I up to?

If you are wondering why I am silent on most of the mailing lists I have been on, it is because I changed jobs. In March 2006, I joined the Government of Kerala as an Assitant Labour Officer. That means I am a ``public servant''!!! At the moment, I am posted at Payyannur, in Kannur (Cannanore) district and will be on training till end of June, 2006. At Kannur, I was surprised to find that my immediate superior officer is a HAM, like me. (My call sign is VU3LEX). He is VU2VJT, VJ Thomas. What a coincidence!!!

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