Monday, November 27, 2006


Yet another change - why I missed

Finally, I have made it to Ernakulam. After nine months of wandering about in Northern Malabar - Payyannur and Iritty, I am now posted Ernakulam. Sweet as it may sound, I also meant that I had to skip my talk at

The transfer from Iritty to Ernakulam meant that I could not, with any certainity, say where I would be on any day in the last two weeks. Being at Iritty also meant that I had no access to the net. The office fo the Assistant Labour Officer does not have even a phone - let alone a computer. This, in turn, meant that I could not prepare the slides, and reluctantly, I had to ask the organisers to remove my talk.

I hope I could be there next year.

The move back to Ernakulam also means that I may be able to spend more time for FSUG-Kochi. The user group does not have much activity nowadays, -- it used to meet at my house for a few months -- but I hope to be able to change that in a few more weeks' time.

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