Monday, March 26, 2007


Gnokii and Samsung mobile

I got a DSU 7 cable for my basic Samsung SGH - X 160, and found that
xgnokii can communicate with it. The port has to be set to ``ttyUSB0''
and model is ``AT'' in $HOME/.gnokiirc.

gnokii can read SMSes and the phone address book. Have not tried other
things yet. Command line gnokii fails most other options, so I guess
I may not be able to set the wallpaper and other tricks.

I need your help about pairing my sgh-d900 via gnokii. Please contact me,
Kindly see the gnokii web site - and look for the mailing lists under the ``support'' link. You should be getting help there.
Please tell the list what kind of cable you are using, which version of gnokii, your OS (Kernel version inclusive) and what you have done to get it working and the results.
You can also try gammu/wammu, should work there.
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