Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Web Standards

This is for the Marketing honchos, CEO and CIOs out there.

I am not going to buy products from you, if your web site offers
information in flash. Flash is a content delifery format heavy on
bandwidth, resource hungry, and most important of all, it NOT A

In flash, I cannot control what I want to see. I cannot control the
font sizes, I cannot control the screen area, and flash looks
different on my two computers - one is a 15inch monitor, and the other
is a 17 inch one.

I cannot control popups, I cannot get links to different pages to open
different tabs (I use mozilla); and if I cannot control the way I get

The reason I rely on the internet err... YOUR website is that your
salesmen are ... well ... just salesmen. They do not know about your
products, they do not have the time, patience or knowledge to deal
with my questions about specifications and performance of your hitech

Do not tell me that html is bad. I am pretty good at web designing
myself, and know what is achievable.

If your business is ignorant about how to design good web pages, you
have no business selling hitech products.

And just to warn you - last time I shopped for mobile phones, I did
NOT buy a nokia hand set because their navigation menu was in flash /
javascript and that was not working properly in my Mozilla firefox.
And I had no reason to purchase a product from a manufacturer who did
not know what the W3C is. (If you are a Marketing manager / CEO, W3C
means the world wide web consortium, and if you are CIO and did not
know that, please change jobs NOW).

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